Trust: How Much Is Too Much When Selling Your Stuff

Jun 28, 2021 | c2bmanager |

Say you’ve decided to sell your watch. You could use the money or you got a new one, whatever the reason may be. You don’t want to sell it on eBay or Amazon, the hassle is simply not worth it. Craigslist and it’s myriad competitors? Yes, you can go that route but it has its own disadvantages. So you’d like to sell it to companies that purchase watches. Reputable, long-established businesses who won’t play games and can be held accountable.

Your first option would be to go local, bring it down to the dealer and see what they’ll pay for it. The downside is that you’re restricting yourself to only a few  options when there’s an easily accessible nationwide market. The problem with selling long distance is, how does it work? Are you expected to send your watch for them to inspect and pay later? Seems quite a risk, even when dealing with a reputable company.

Have them pay upfront, entirely or a portion of the amount? Not likely they’d be willing to do that nor does it solve the problem entirely, since the rest of the value of your watch is still in the wind, so to speak. What to do?


Answer: Next time….