Who We Are

Sell Adviser was founded for one simple purpose: To help people turn their unwanted stuff into cash.


Most people don’t realize it, but they’re living on a gold mine. They are surrounded by valuable items for which they have no use for but others are ready to pay top dollar for. We’ve all bought this or that which we later regretted but did not return. That’s money locked away right there, often lots of it.


Do people know this? Yes. So why don’t they act on it and get some sorely-needed cash?


Because they have no clue where to begin. People already work hard at their jobs and have no interest in turning their precious fee time into a second job selling stuff from around the house.


Here’s where we come in. All you need to do is fill out the form, pay the small fee and we will take care of everything for you. Many types of items we buy ourselves and those that we don’t we’ve developed partnerships in many industries to whom we can forward your request. They then get in touch with you to see if a deal can be worked out. We have at least ten partnerships in every category with many more categories and buyers being added each and every day.


How It Works

  1. Fill out this form telling us what you would like to sell
  2. We receive your offer to sell and either send you an offer to buy or pass on your offer to our network of buyers
  3. If our buyers are interested, they contact you to work out a mutually agreeable deal.


How Do We Do It?

Over the course of over a decade buying from consumers we have developed a robust network of contacts looking to buy a range of products. In addition, we have done extensive research in many product categories to find those buyers that are not easily found online. So when you send us an offer, you can be assured that it will be passed on to many qualified buyers.




Help people turn their unwanted items into cash easily, quickly and hassle free.