It is well known that the more you know about what you are trying to sell, the more you can get for it. We’ve put together a handy checklist of all the steps needed to properly prepare yourself and get the best deal.


  1. What do you have?
  2. How much is it worth?
  3. Who can help you with this?

1) You need to get as much information as possible about your item (in order of importance).

  • Name
  • Brand
  • ISBN/Serial number
  • Condition
  • Date of manufacture

2) How much it’s worth (ballpark figure).

You’ll want to know:

  • Original MSRP
  • Current going rate on the second-hand market
  • What companies will pay for it (Individuals who buy for themselves are always going to pay more than companies since they have no need to make a profit while companies do.)

3) Who can help you with this?

Assuming that you are not completely familiar with all the above, you’d like to know who you can turn for help with all this. There are many helpful articles all over the web and we link to some of them in each category in our Knowledge Base.

However, what will help you the most is an actual person or company who can tell you what you need to know or at least how to find that information. Toward that end, please choose from the categories listed below and you will be provided a comprehensive list of resources for your particular category.