Question: Why charge a fee for the use of our service?

Answer: Most online services do not charge users a fee, that is true, However, we all know that to stay in business, they must make money somehow. The way they do it basically boils down to two ways: Someone else pays or they sell the data they glean from their interactions with you.

Someone else pays: Sounds great, why not? Except that for someone else to pay there must be a benefit in there for them. For websites such as this one, that would be providing promotion to those that pay, sometimes even demanding payment for being listed at all.

The problem with this business model, is that, you, the client, don’t get the best possible results. You are not being connected with the best possible buyers, but rather the ones who have paid the most to the company.

We consider that to be somewhat dishonest and not the way we do business. Therefore, we charge a small fee (less than half the price of a cup of coffee) and in return we are beholden to no one else but you and can help you maximize your efforts and get the most money out of what you are selling.

Data privacy is a big issue these days. By not owing anything to anyone but you, we can guarantee that not a drop of your data is being sold, traded, or given in any way to anyone else. Period.

In other words, you get what you pay for. Your payment to us makes you the client, not the product. Doesn’t that make you happy?